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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 1120-X

Instructions and Help about Form 1120-X

Music hey everyone made here this is the second video in our ATF forum series this is the forum one previously we did the forum five for a lawful air transfer form one is going to be essentially your birth certificate if you are not a licensed manufacturer then a form one is what you'll use to make your SBR or silencer so first thing box to check individual if you're registered registering it to yourself as an individual or check trust if you're doing it or a legal entity if you're doing it to your trust or if you have an LLC you can do that as well trade name I guess if your LLC has a trade name you can put that there but box 3b is the important one if you're doing it as an individual your individual name goes in 3b however if you're doing it as a trust the trust name goes in 3b and it must match the name in your trust exactly with the exception of the word thaw it needs to match it exactly or it will get kicked back so you need to put your name or your trust name or your business name 3b and the mailing address if your mailing address is a P o box put the premise address in 3c off to the right it's actually box 1 you're going to check tax paid tax exempt or tax-exempt there's two tax exempt options for all intents purposes for this video we're gonna be doing tax paid so check tax paid there and it's a $200 tax for your form one box 3d county of residence self-explanatory your phone number and email address in 3f highly recommend you put in your email address it's optional but a lot of times if you mess something up Corrections can be made a lot faster if they can just shoot you an email not all Corrections can be corrected via email but some can box for you're gonna put the firearm description of the NFA item you're creating if you're using a lower receiver made by a manufacturer that basically anything but an 80 percent lower you're gonna use that manufacturers name and address for example Sig daniel defense remington something along that line I established manufacturer you're gonna put their name and address their box for B type of firearm it's a silencer you're gonna put you can just write silencer SBR for stripping our rifle SBS for short barrel shotgun these are gonna be your most common ones and then caliber choose a caliber 5.56 two to three 12-gauge whatever it might be that's gonna go in for c4 d the model that is going to be whatever is engraved on the lower receiver if you're using a pre manufactured low receiver like we just discussed so if it's not 80% lower you're going to use the model that's engraved on there if you're building a silencer you.

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